Suffolk Green Party Endorses Transgender Day Of Remembrance

The Suffolk County Green Party continues its support of Transgender Day Of Remembrance (TDOR). TDOR is a worldwide event held every November to raise awareness about discrimination, violence, and murder directed against transgender (living as or expressing a gender other than the one expected at birth), intersex (biologically in-between or outside male and female), and gender-nonconforming (acting in any way contrary to gender stereotypes) people , to commemorate the lives of transgender, intersex and gender-nonconforming people around the world who’ve been killed due to this kind of discrimination and violence within the past year, and showing transgender/intersex/gender-nonconforming people and allies’ commitment toward making a more safe, understanding and accepting world.

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The Red and Blue fight for the Green Party ballot line

The Green Party of Suffolk County would like to inform the people of Suffolk that it has not endorsed any candidates in the Town and the County races of 2017.
We learned that mailers were been sent out to Huntington registered Greens, designed to look as if they originated from a legitimate Green Party campaign or the state Green Party. We have not sent out any mailers this year to our Suffolk County members, and neither has the state Green Party.

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